Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for visiting this page. We hope to answer all your questions on our prepaid phone cards and more specifically how to call India. Find the question below and click on the tick icon to display the answer.

How to make International Calls?
Dial your access number, enter phone number as country code then phone number when prompted.
How to Call India?
To call India, you must first dial the country code, 91, plus the phone number. For more information follow this link on how to call India.
How to Dial India?
As India is the most dialed destination from the US, how to dial India is frequently asked. Go to this page, how to dial India, for additional information.
What are Prepaid Phone Cards?
The term "prepaid phone cards" is a bit of a misnomer. It used be that consumer would go to a corner store and buy a card that looked like a credit card to call long distance. Nowadays there is no physical card, but simply a PIN (personal identification number) that registers the card with the telephone company. They are generally bought on websites like
How do I use your service after buy a PIN?
1. Dial the local access or toll free access number.
2. Enter your PIN.
3. Dial the phone number of the person you are calling.
How do I setup PIN Free Dialing?
1. Go to
2. Click on "User Login"
3. Enter your "User Name" and "Password"
4. Click on "PIN Free Dialing Setup"
5. Enter phone number(s) from which you make call frequently

PIN Free to see the visual instruction.
How do I setup Speed Dial?
1. Go to
2. Click on "User Login"
3. Enter your "User Name" and "Password"
4. Click on "Speed Dial"
5. Enter phone number, name and speed dial code

Speed Dial to see the visual instruction.
How do I setup Auto Recharge?
1. Go to
2. Click on "User Login"
3. Enter your "User Name" and "Password"
4. Click on "Auto-Recharge"
5. Select PIN
6. Select Auto-charge "YES"
7. Select how much you want to Auto-Recharge
8. Select when your balance below certain amount
How do I Recharge my PIN?
1. Go to
2. Click on "User Login"
3. Enter your "User Name" and "Password"
4. Click on "Manual Recharge"
5. Select recharge amount
6. Click on Submit
How do I view my Account Activity?
1. Go to
2. Click on "User Login"
3. Enter your "User Name" and "Password"
4. Click on "View Account Activity"
5. Select the PIN, From Date and To Date
6. Click on "View Account Activity"
Is it safe to purchase through online using website?
Our technology makes it possible for sensitive data to be safely transmitted over the Internet; the information is encrypted using proprietary and secure socket layer (SSL) technology.
Is there any fee?
There is no connection fee or monthly fee or disconnect fee or weekly fee or daily fee. There is also no taxes or hidden charges. Only a $0.50 transaction fee each time you purchase or recharge a card.
What is the expiration?
Dial91 account expire 180 days from the first time of purchase account. Account can be recharged at any time which will reset the expiration date. Previous balances will carry over.
Why call from local access numbers?
Local telephone number is used as an access number for Dial91 service. Local Access Numbers are used to reduce costs and provide better pricing for consumers.There is no charge to call on local access number from our side. Please check with your phone service provider before using it.
Do you offer any free minutes to check the quality of your service?
Currently, we don't have any free trial offer. For any reason, if you don't like our service, we refund 100% of the purchase amount.
I live outside of USA. Does this service can be used from outside of USA?
You can use dial91 service from anywhere in the world.
I am a new customer, how do I purchase prepaid phone cards on this website? How do I login?
It's very simple. In our this site, click "Sign Up" link at the left bar, enter all the information and click on "Go". Our system will display the account information and the instructions to use the card. Once you get the account information, you can login into our system using the User Name and Password. You will find different options to change your personal information, recharge your card and view your call history.
Is it necessary for my address to exactly match with the address currently on file with my credit card issuer?
For security reasons, it is absolutely necessary that your address & Zip code match with the address & Zip code currently on file with your credit card issuer.
When will I get the prepaid phone card pins? Can I use them right away?
Prepaid phone cards pins will be displayed on your monitor immediately after successful processing of your credit card. Phone card pins can be used for making calls right away, you don't have to wait. We do not snail mail prepaid phone cards.
My family/friend has a cell phone in India/Pakistan/UK etc. Can I call them on their mobile phone?
Yes, you can use phone cards to make calls to cell phones outside of USA and CANADA. You may also see the rates in our rate calculator.
Do you guarantee that calls will be connected every time and that there will be no busy signals?
Most of the card sold on our website are using best carriers and Advanced ISDN Routing Capabilities. You should generally not have such problems with our cards, but to be practical, there is no 100 % guarantee.
Can I pay by check or money order?
Sorry, currently we do not accept check or money order. We might consider this option in future.
I forgot my password. How can I retrieve my password?
Click "Forgot Password?", enter your Email ID and click "Send My Account information". Your Account information or Login details will be emailed to you right away. You will receive the Login details email within two minutes, provided there are no internet bottlenecks. You will not receive any password email if an incorrect Email ID was entered, or if there was a typo in your original Email ID with us.
I misplaced the phone card pins that I purchased from this website a few days back. How do I retrieve the pins?:
Login to your account. Click "View My Pins/User Instructions" or "View pins/check balance".
Do I need to have a long distance carrier to use prepaid phone cards?
No, you do not need a long distance carrier on your phone to use prepaid phone cards.
How good is the customer service?
You can chat live with our customer service using "LIVE HELP" option in our website. Also, you can find the customer service number in our web site. Customer service is generally knowledgeable and in most cases will provide you with instant service solutions. Customer service will handle all service-related issues.

Your Dial91 India Calling Experience

We hope we answered all your questions about Here are some additional facts you may want to know about Dial91. Dial91 is a PIN and PIN-LESS based service designed to provide Non-Resident Indians and Indian Business Travelers with the lowest cost phone card to call India. Dial91 serves India callers that require reliable, low cost India calling services for calling to India and anywhere else in the World for less. Our service built on a reliable, redundant VoiP calling card network that dispenses a virtual India calling card that works with local, international and toll free access numbers. Dial91 has its own 24 hour customer service staff in the U.S. and India. Additionally, the Dial91 development team is always working on new ways to reduce your India call costs and to add useful new features such as our "Speed Dial to Skype Feature". The overall goal is providing you with the lowest cost calls to India and anywhere in the World. Dial91 offers a lowest cost India calling and standard calling card user options. We have such features as auto-recharge, manual recharge via IVR and web and even some advanced features to make your lowest cost India Call Card experience convenient and economical. is the smart choice for making all your India call card calls. We strive to provide a feature rich, high quality and lowest cost India calling card service.

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